Hope in a polarized world

How easily I get entangled in the divisions of church and society! Do you also get discouraged or angry? I set out to find help and hope in the Bible, in ancient Judaism, in Jesus, in the early church, and in the witness of Christians in our time.

This book (released April 11) logs what I learned: Stuck Together–The Hope of Christian Witness in a Polarized World.

British Anabaptist Stuart Murray gives the book a running start. Then with story and theologizing on a popular level I address divisions over politics, LGBTQ understandings, racism, and much more. This project renewed my hope for God to “reconcile all things in Christ,” and inspired me to be part of the healing.

The book is available in paper and Kindle editions from your favorite distributor. Go to this link: https://heraldpress.com/9781513810645/stuck-together/

I hope to hear your theological insights, pushback, and stories of peacemaking in these fractured times. Soli Deo gloria!

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  1. wanderer1948 says:

    Our eyes open to reality, when we accept that human malice runs deep throughout human history, as revealed by thousands of years of human depravity known as war. Wars are insane events organized by elites, which send their commoners to face each other, to fight to the death, so the elites can control more lands. When we accept that there could have been malicious politics or motives behind the power-hungry men who wrote bible stories, we may be able to separate biblical fact from fiction. Priests were as biased and prejudiced as any member of society, and probably not honest historians because they see public events through the filter of religion, and record events in a way that agrees with or fits into their dogma, which shapes their world view.

    And so, you really mean “The Unholy Lands” when you refer to the Holy Lands. Spiritually speaking, all lands are sacred until they become contaminated or defiled with human blood spilled with: conscience numbing ideology, wild anger, covetous rage, and murderous hate. When Israel 1.0, colonized Palestine in ancient times [1,400 BCE?], and Israel 2.0 colonized it again from the 20th to the 21st century, and the interval of human madness in between which spilled oceans of human blood during the Crusades, etc..cursed the land.

    Those long suffering lands known as Palestine, occupied by Israel, have been cursed for far too long, by destructive patriarchal religions, like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Those feuding,Yahwist religions have destroyed much of the world through brutal colonization. The lands need to be cleansed, honoured, and restored by healing shamanic groups.

    The days of toxic religions is over….


  2. Ruben Chupp says:

    Nelson: I’m glad you’re still writing and blogging.  Photos from Israel
    trigger warm remembrances of the two trips I made with you.  Maybe we
    can do it all over again, sometime.  Thank you for the new book, a
    missive I will purchase.  God’s best.  -ruben


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